Can cats eat limes?

Limes are a hybrid citrus fruit that measure between three to six centimetres. Thy contain acidic juice vesticles.

Limes are often used to flavour culinary dishes around the world and lime flavour is used in many products as well.

They are the same shape as lemons but smaller and have a smooth green skin with an aromatic smell to them.

They are a very important ingredient to Latin American, Indian, Mexican and South-east asian cuisine. There are three main types of limes; Key lime, Tahitian and Mexican. All three types of lime have a high vitamin C content.

Limes are available all year round and don’t have a particular season.

They are best kept in a perforated bag in the refrigerator for a maximum of a few weeks. They can be kept in a fruit bowl for about a week. Once they have been kept they can be kept in a refrigerator for up to four days.

So can cats eat limes?

Let’s take a look at their nutritional data and find out more. By looking at what they contain we can make a good assessment as to whether they actually make a good food for them to eat rather than relying on the word of others.

In particular, their carbohydrate, acidic, water, sugar, salt, calcium, phosphorous, and fat content is of most interest as far as cats are concerned

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)

Energy 126 kJ (30 kcal)
Carbohydrates 10.5 g
Sugars 1.7 g
Dietary fiber 2.8 g
Fat 0.2 g
Protein 0.7 g
Vitamins (%DV)†
Thiamine (B1) (3%) 0.03 mg
Riboflavin (B2) (2%) 0.02 mg
Niacin (B3) (1%) 0.2 mg
Pantothenic acid (B5) (4%) 0.217 mg
Vitamin B6 (4%) 0.046 mg
Folate (B9) (2%) 8 μg
Vitamin C (35%) 29.1 mg
Calcium (3%) 33 mg
Iron (5%) 0.6 mg
Magnesium (2%) 6 mg
Phosphorus (3%) 18 mg
Potassium (2%) 102 mg
Sodium (0%) 2 mg
Other constituents
Water 88.3 g

As you can see limes contain a huge amount of water. A little phosphorous and calcium, a lot of acidic content and carbohydrates, a hint of fat and sugar.

Can cats eat limes?

This means that cats cannot eat limes.

The amount of water, carbohydrates and acidic content that they contain will give a cat an upset stomach.

They are definitely a food to avoid feeding them.

If you are looking for a fruit that is good for them to eat, try zucchini which believe it or not is a fruit and not a vegetable. It will fill them up and will not harm them detrimentally as well.

For more foods that cats can and can’t eat check out our cat food list.



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