Can Cats Eat All Bran?

What is All Bran?

All bran is a popular breakfast cereal which is made by Kellogg’s and sold throughout the world.

It is a high bran high fiber, and wheat bran cereal which is sold as a cereal to help with digestion.

All Bran first came out in 1916 hot on the heels of Kellogs bran flake.

The cereal quickly found success in the market in the United States.

It was then sold in other countries in the familiar red and green box colors that Kellog’s cereals were sold in at that time.

All Bran continues to be sold to this day and remains a popular breakfast cereal branching out into different varieties. (source)

What does All Bran contain?


Wheat Bran (87%), Sugar, Barley Malt Flavouring, Salt, Vitamins & Minerals: Niacin, Iron, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B1 (Thiamin), Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Vitamin B. 

All bran contains the ingredients of wheat bran, salt, malt flavor, sugar, as well as fortified vitamins and minerals.

Despite its name, All Bran has the main ingredient of whole grain wheat and not bran. In fact, All Bran only contains  15% fiber, which is equivalent to 34% wheat bran.

What types of All Bran are there?

There are different types of All Bran thatarer available around the world.

The most familiar is Original All Bran. But then there are other varieties such as All-Bran Bran Flakes, All-Bran Bran Buds, All-Bran Strawberry Buds, All-Bran Strawberry Medley, All-Bran Extra Fiber/All-Bran Plus, All-Bran Flakes Chocolate, All-Bran Guardian, All-Bran Honey Nut Flavor, All-Bran Cereal Bars, All-Bran Choco/Chocolate, All-Bran Plus Fruit ‘n Fibre, All-Bran Plus Yogur/Iogurte and All-Bran Fruit ‘n Oats. 

Can cats eat All Bran?

As it is a dry breakfast cereal then feeding it to your cat is not recommended.

It’s not that it is necessarily bad for your cat in fact it won’t harm them if they were to nibble a little of it.

It’s just that it holds no nutritional value for them.

None of the ingredients that all bran has in it has any kind of value for your cat and will not benefit them. Cats need food that will benefit them such as meats which contain proteins to satisfy their carnivorous appetite.

Some All Bran cereals also contain large amounts of sugar and artificial sugars.

Products such as All-Bran Flakes Chocolate, All-Bran Honey Nut Flavor and All-Bran Strawberry Buds contain high amounts of sugars and sweeteners to enhance the taste of the cereal.

However, cats do not have sugar and have no desire to eat sweet foods.

In fact, sugar can hurt their stomach and give them diarrhea.

It has even been known to increase their blood sugar levels.

Can cats eat All Bran with milk?

It is often thought that cats can drink milk, however, this is not the case.

Milk can actually hurt your cat’s stomach if you give it to your adult cat.

This is because they are semi-lactose intolerant.

It can also give them diarrhea.

So it really is something to stead clear of ginning them.

There are special milk that you can give kittens which will help them to grow however and will be beneficial for them.

Kitten milk can be purchased from good pet stores and is vitamin rich for your kittens needs. 

What other cereals can cats eat?

Some cats may indeed be partial to your breakfast cereal.

Cats are very inquisitive creatures and will generally try and eat anything at least once. You may even find your cat likes cereal.

If this is so to try and keep them away from cereals that have added sugars in them.

Plain dry cereals if anything are the best for them.

As mentioned above they hold no nutritional benefit for them but they won’t be bad for them. 

What foods should cats eat typically?

However, although all bran and other plan cereals will not hurt them they are not nutritionally beneficial for them and so should be given sparingly.

If your cat really does like it, why not give it to them as a rest on top of their regular food diet?

Their regular diet should be dry and wet canned food.

This is especially made for their dietary and nutritional requirements as well as water to drink.

This will generally satisfy most cats.

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